Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse 5000 The model 5000 is Microsoft’s most portable wireless notebook mouse that connects directly to a bluetooth PC without a transceiver, freeing up USB ports for other devices. Microsoft calls it a “high definition” laser mouse which they say makes it more precise and responsive, and that it delivers smoother tracking. The 5000 has an ambidextrous design which means you can use it with either your left or right hand and it is comfortable both ways. It also has a bit of an ergonomic design so it will help reduce discomfort during long hours of work and will help prevent some serious long-term conditions. It has four buttons including a Back button and the scroll wheel. You can use the Back button to easily navigate between folders and web pages, or you can press the scroll wheel to enable auto-scroll. Auto-scroll saves time and effort since you can navigate documents and websites without using the on-screen scroll bar. This mouse also claims a 3+ month battery life which can be achieved by turning the device off when not in use. When it finally does get close to running out of power it has a red LED indicator light that illuminates to alert you when the battery is almost dead. This mouse is a mix of light gray, dark gray and black in color and the MSRP is $49.99.

Logitech V470 Bluetooth Cordless Laser Mouse

Logitech V470 Step up to business-class mobility with the V470 cordless laser mouse by Logitech. With its laser precision it outperforms traditional optical mice. The laser technology delivers smooth cursor control on virtually any surface, but it does not work on mirror or clear glass. The side-to-side scrolling plus zoom function requires the installation of Logitech® SetPoint™ software, but it is perfect for viewing digital photos and spreadsheets. You can instantly zoom in and out and scroll horizontally or vertically. The V470 can be used up to 30 feet away from your computer and with its light, durable design it is more comfortable than a touchpad and you can take it anywhere. It also has a battery life indicator and an on/off switch to extend battery life. This is a blue colored mouse that normally comes with a protective pouch and the retail price is $49.99.

Logitech M555b Bluetooth Mouse

Logitech M555b This one is brand new as of summer 2009 and it shows some improvements over the older models which is always nice to see. The general design and shape is still pretty much the same as usual but it does have a slightly sleeker look than say the older V470 model. Its the typical dark grey color and it has laser tracking technology, which makes it very smooth and precise on a wider variety of surfaces than just an optical mouse, including wood grain or polished tables and desk tops. However, laser mice still do not work on glass or mirrored surfaces, so if you have one of those you need to use a mouse pad or something similar. It also has five programmable buttons which is nice and its fairly easy to setup and configure with the included software. The main upgraded feature that Logitech highlights with this bluetooth mouse is the improved, larger scroll wheel. They call it “hyper-fast scrolling” and it basically makes it easier and more convenient to browse through long documents and web pages, which can make hours of web surfing more productive and, dare we say, more fun. The M555b has an integrated low battery indicator and a sleep mode feature to help extend battery life. The actual part number for this mouse is 910-001265, ***This model may have been discontinued by Logitech.

Razer Orochi Bluetooth Notebook Gaming Mouse

Razer Orochi This bluetooth mouse is very unique and was designed specifically for gamers, but it could work for many other purposes. Razer Orochi might not be a brand you may have heard of, but that doesn’t mean they offer an inferior product. In fact, this mouse averages 4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews from various sources. The first thing you notice about this input device is the interesting shape of its body. This is what you would consider an ergonomic design and the purpose of it is not only to look cool, but to provide comfort and proper support for your hand and wrist during regular and extended periods of use. One feature this computer mouse has that sets it apart from other bluetooth mice is the addition of a “wired mode”. This basically means that in addition to this product connecting to your PC through Bluetooth you also have the option of switching it to wired mode and using the included USB cord to connect it. Gamers love this feature because sometimes with wireless connectivity you don’t get the sensitivity and accuracy that you would using a mouse connected by a wire. This feature alone makes it one-of-a-kind. The Razer Orochi has a 4000dpi 3G Laser sensor, which allows movement speeds five-times that of a regular 800 dpi optical mouse. This also is a spec that gamers look for. Other benefits this product offers include an ambidextrous design so you can use it with either your left or right hand (helps relieve hand tension if you alternate), on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, Ultraslick Teflon feet on the bottom surface, and a gold-plated USB connector. When used in wireless mode this mouse is powered by 2 AA batteries (typical). When sifting through user reviews you won’t find may cons to this model, but one thing some people don’t like is that the scroll wheel on top functions as a free-scroll only, there is no way to set it to ratchet. One other con is that it doesn’t work very well with Mac computers, the buttons are not fully programmable like they are on a PC.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 8000 The bluetooth laser mouse 8000 is Microsoft’s first wireless rechargeable computer mouse. It uses a single AA NiMH battery and can go for a very long period of time between charges, sometimes up to a few weeks (depends how many hours its actually on). Regardless of when it finally does decide to start dying, the battery life indicator at the top of the mouse alerts you when it’s time to recharge. It utilizes 2.4 GHz bluetooth technology to connect to your computer and works at up to a range of 30 feet with virtually no interference. Microsoft also claims you can experience speeds faster than that of a standard wired mouse, but we’re not sure how that’s even possible, or how anyone would actually notice that (maybe gamers). The 8000 has high definition laser technology which Microsoft claims to be two generations ahead of other standard optical and laser mice (they seem to be extremely confident in their products). It has a bunch of buttons that you can program to do different things like most mice, but a unique feature of this mouse is the genuine brushed-aluminum metal casing. This makes it look extra sleek and makes it feel as good as it looks. The manufacturer’s part number is 4CH-00012 and the MSRP is $89.95.

Sony VAIO Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Sony Vaio Bluetooth Laser Mouse This bluetooth mouse by Sony is actually designed specifically to match VAIO CS notebook computers, but it can be used with any bluetooth-capable PC. At first glance the shape of this device is a little funky, and it definitely looks different than all of the other mice reviewed here. They offer this model in three different colors to go seamlessly with their laptops: Glossy Black (VGP-BMS55/B), Sangria Red (VGP-BMS55/R) and Cosmopolitan Pink (VGP-BMS55/P). They also offer bundle packages that include a matching mouse pad if you need one, but the part numbers are slightly different. We wouldn’t really consider the shape of this mouse to be “ergonomic” in any way, but nonetheless it seems fairly comfortable for regular use. It uses laser technology for tracking which allows you to use the mouse on a larger variety of surfaces than an optical model, and also increases battery life (just by a little). It also has a low friction, non-stick PTFE sole that allows for effortless and extra smooth movement. This mouse runs on two AA batteries with an estimated battery life of approximately three months. The maximum operating distance is stated as 32 ft. which is fairly standard and the dimensions of this device are 2.3″ (width) x 4.8″ (height) x 1.4″ (depth). You’ll need Windows Vista or XP installed for this mouse to work properly with your computer. The retail price of this peripheral is $69.99 (and that’s what Sony sells it for on their website).

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse (now Magic Mouse)

Apple Magic Mouse **Update December 2010: A newer version of this mouse is now available – it has been renamed the Apple Magic Mouse This mouse is really fun to use, but its only for Apple (Mac) computers. The wireless Mighty Mouse works with any Bluetooth-enabled Mac and runs on two AA batteries. It has a very sleek design with a low profile (it’s thinner than most mice) and curves in all the right places. It looks extremely simple but its features are surprisingly advanced. First of all it uses a laser tracking engine which is said to be up to 20 times more sensitive and accurate than a standard optical mouse. With laser tracking technology you can track with greater precision even on polished or smooth surfaces, and you don’t need a mouse pad so no worries if you can’t fit one. Most people realize that with cheaper mice they can be finicky about what surface they are used on, and generally only perform as they should when used on a mousepad. The scroll ball on this mouse is the coolest part. It features full 360-degree scrolling – up, down, left, right and diagonal – and it is positioned to glide smoothly under just one finger. For some reason the scroll on this mouse feels a lot cooler than the standard scroll wheel found on most mice. Even more advanced is the top shell of the mouse, which is touch-sensitive. You may have thought this was a classic one-button mouse at first sight but the touch-sensitive technology under the shell detects which part of the mouse you’re clicking, so you can both left-click and right-click with ease. If for some reason you would rather only have a single mouse button you can change your system preferences in Max OS X. The Mighty Mouse also has force-sensing side buttons that when squeezed can be configured to open commonly used programs or features. The color of this mouse is white, with the scroll ball and side buttons being light gray, and the retail price is $69.00.

Kensington SlimBlade Bluetooth Presenter Mouse

Kensington SlimBlade Kensington isn’t really a big player in the bluetooth mouse market but they did a pretty good job with this one. This mouse looks very sleek and has a low profile compared to other mice which makes it fit good in your hand and travels easily. It is light gray in color with dark gray accents. Being a combination laser mouse and presenter mouse it what makes it unique. Switch it to presentation mode whenever you’re using your computer in front of an audience, or simply use it as a regular full-function mouse. This model has a built-in sleep function to conserve your batteries, which automatically shuts off the device when your computer enters sleep mode. It is PC and Mac compatible, comes with a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer, and boasts a 3 month battery life. The model number of this mouse from Kensington is K72330US with suggested street price of $49.99.

Choosing the Best Bluetooth Mouse

When it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth mouse for your situation or scenario it is a fairly simple and anxiety-free process. Luckily for the consumer most of the major name brands in the computer input device field manufacture Bluetooth mice, and good ones at that.  You’ll find products made by Microsoft, Logitech, Sony and Kensington reviewed here. We purposely decided not to review any knock-off mice or those manufactured by companies who use very cheap or flimsy materials. We feel that people really shouldn’t be buying peripherals of that low quality. It is easy to be lured in to a purchase by very low pricing, but we’re talking about an item that you will be using probably every day and for hours at a time, so this is definitely a product to treat yourself with and get the highest quality you possibly can afford.

The main reasons for buying the best Bluetooth mouse you can get your hands on are two-fold. First of all, cheap, imitation mice have a high defective ratio from the factory to begin with, and since the materials used in their construction are of such low quality the mice never last as long as the customer would have hoped for. It is very reasonable to say that one top-of-the-line Bluetooth mouse will outlast two or more cheaply made mice by no-name brands. And that is only the extremely obvious reason. The other very important thing to consider when purchasing a product like this is the idea of “computer ergonomics”. A simple explanation of what this means is this… most of us spend countless hours working on a computer almost daily, either at our jobs or in our homes, and we are frequently subjected to sub-standard working conditions at our computer workstations due to the lack of ergonomic input devices and associated furniture. In other words, we usually sit in cheap un-supportive task chairs, work at an uneven desk level, and type and mouse using regular old keyboards and mice. This may be acceptable for short periods of computer use, but for an every day activity this is unacceptable if you wish to avoid developing serious long-term conditions. These ailments are called Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and one of the most commonly known is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) which is associated with discomfort and pain in the hands, wrists or forearms. Using a Bluetooth mouse that is ergonomically designed or that has special features made specifically to support your hand better and reduce unnecessary movement and strain with help avoid such conditions. You will also feel more comfortable while mousing and you will notice that you are more productive.

All in all, choosing a great Bluetooth notebook mouse is a piece of cake. Take some time and check out the reviews on our site and rest assured that whatever mouse you end up picking will be a good one. If you go by the elite devices that we recommend it is simply up to the color, shape, brand or price point that you prefer. Feel free to post your own comments, questions and opinions on any of our articles to increase the helpfulness to other visitors.